About FMG


Since 1998, Fiduciaire Montgomery (FMG) has constantly developed its expertise in the area of legal, tax and accounting services.

Keeping very updated (“real time”) and rigorous accounting is an indispensable prerequisite for making this accounting (which remains our “core business”) a real management tool that is essential for effective decision-making for managing and thus developing the business.

Meticulous and precise accounting allows effective tax optimisation.

We have adopted new accounting technologies in order to optimise the effectiveness of the encoding and strive for a completely digital management of your accounting.

Our objective

To offer a high-quality, transparent, personalised service where every client, large or small, receives full consideration.

Our keywords

  • Competence
  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Diversity of services

Our fees are in line with the market. We’ll come up with an offer after the 1st meeting during which we jointly determine the specific nature of the services to be provided.

We are determined to create a long-term relationship of trust, and dialogue and regular exchanges are indispensable for building such a relationship. Developing and maintaining such positive communication is an intrinsic part of our philosophy and values that we wish to share with our clients.

Trust as the keystone for a sound and sustainable collaboration.

The French term “fiduciaries” comes from the Latin “fiducia”, meaning trust or credit. For us, this trust is the keystone of a sound and sustainable collaboration with our clients. It goes both ways.

Our wish is to furnish personalised advice so as to guide the client in the management of his business and the intricate ins and outs of the tax law.

We want to remain an accountant office on a human scale, to maintain first-line contact with our clients and offer them a continuity of service and contact person.

We also wish to be able to respond in all the areas encountered by the SME (tax law - employment law - administrative law).

FMG is above all

  • -

    Intellectual honesty

  • -

    Confidentiality and respect for your privacy

  • -

    Independence vis-à-vis third parties (banks, insurance, etc.)

  • -

    Value-added accounting & tax services

  • -

    Fluid and transparent communication

The partners