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for your tax situation

FMG is your partner for the various areas relating to the administrative, financial, legal and tax aspects of your business.


We offer you a highly professional service with adapted pricing. Our objective is not only to assure perfect fulfilment of your accounting obligations, but above all to develop a win-win partnership so that your accounting becomes a genuine management tool enabling you to better track the evolution of your business.

Our vision is a proactive partnership that will free you from administrative work while placing at your disposal a high-performance, easy-to-use tool enabling you to better track the evolution of your business.

Continuous education of our teams

Our teams are composed of experienced employees who enjoy continuous internal training and a credit of 40 hours paid by Fiduciaire to take outside courses that are recognised by the ITAA. It is a guarantee of quality and seriousness which is indispensable in a context of the constant evolution of the tax system.

Financial management

Thanks to our excellent knowledge of SME management and our experience in the banking sector, we will assist you in establishing an optimal financing structure for your business, and we can also negotiate the best conditions with your financial partners. We can also propose to you to set up dashboards, balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as a range of tools for monitoring your results (cash flow statement, etc.).

The introduction of such tools is extensively discussed with you so that they can be customized to your needs.

Wealth management

In addition to professional advice on the various aspects of managing your enterprises, we propose to advise you on establishing an inventory of your wealth and to advise you in these different domains. We will also examine with you the transmission aspect of your business. We can also constitute for you a secure and easily accessible safe for all of your important documents.


Taxes are based on reality, accounting and the law.

The legality of a tax is thus a fundamental principle; taxation is a branch of law incorporated in several Codes that only experienced jurists can truly master. The complexity of the tax laws and the case-law require constant vigilance in order to verify the justness of the Government´s claims.

Tax optimisation presupposes the legal analysis of situations and the establishment of documents. THE contract law (shareholder agreements, business transfer or acquisition, loans, copyrights, business centre leasing, etc.), property law (usufructs, long-term lease, building and planting rights, waiver of access right, etc.) and company law (reorganisation-merger-split-emigration/immigration of companies, drafting of articles of association, etc.) are inseparable from tax and financial engineering. If a dispute arises, proper application of the law will make all the difference!

Digitalisation is a strategic stake in this framework. The introduction of a solid IT infrastructure is an excellent way for an enterprise to improve its organisation, its data storage as well as its productivity.

Digitalisation is a strategic stake in this framework. The introduction of a solid IT infrastructure is an excellent way for an enterprise to improve its organisation, its data storage as well as its productivity.

To facilitate our collaboration, the accounting department is linked to a secure cloud service. That means our clients don´t have to budge in order to hand over their accounting documents, and our updating takes place on a continuous basis, 24/7. This free archiving space enables you to remotely access your accounting data hosted on our servers, but also to manage them from anywhere, at any time.

This method offers us an ideal way to communicate with you in “real time” about your financial situation and advise you.


We take a horizontal approach to taxation. We offer you the benefit of our expertise in the various tax fields, highlighting for each decision your advantages from a transversal perspective. For us, it is naturally imperative that every tax obligation be properly fulfilled (personal and corporate income tax declarations, VAT declaration), something which constitutes the strict minimum that you are entitled to expect of an accounting professional, but it is above all important that you participate in the preliminary reflection.

Adopting a real long-term strategy that takes into account your situation and prospects is essential in this approach.

In addition, it is important to give you regular feedback and that you receive a transversal analysis of the tax impacts of your decisions. Too often we are confronted with decisions taken to “save on taxes” that proved disastrous in some other fiscal area. Our excellent knowledge of all aspects of taxation will help you to make the right decisions in the short term, but above all over the long term.

The evolution of the laws and the client´s own situation requires close monitoring of the solutions adopted. To ensure this safe and continuous service, mastery of the law is entrusted to KERDOS, a specialised company of the FMG group.

Depending on the size, the activities or the requirements of enterprises, it is recommended to dispose of a legal secretariat that we provide which can deal with the UBO register, convocations to meetings, the drafting of minutes and reports of the board, etc.

Employment law is crucial for a business and is closely related to taxation; we have a specialised team in this area that can assist your social secretariat or your HRD.

A specific service?

We can also help you on individual assignments involving:

  • -

    Creation of your enterprise: implementation of business plan

  • -

    Investment project requiring a specific expertise in terms of credit and/or financial (and fiscal) arrangements

  • -

    Purchase of enterprise: structuring an acquisition

  • -

    Restructuring operations: merger, split, contribution of a business unit, purchase of a business

  • -

    Particular tax obligations: personal income tax declaration, corporate income tax declaration, inheritance tax declaration