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FMG is your partner for the various areas relating to the administrative, financial, legal and tax aspects of your business / company – all instances.

We offer you a highly professional service with adapted pricing. Our objective is not only to assure perfect fulfilment of your accounting obligations, but above all to develop a win-win partnership so that your accounting becomes a genuine management tool enabling you to better track the evolution of your business.

Who can benefit from the services of Fiduciaire Montgomery?


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Private individuals

From salary package optimisation to wealth or estate structuring, Fiduciaire has the competencies to deal with it - without neglecting international aspects, such as expatriation or exchanges of information coming from foreign administrations. Many events in life, such as death or divorce, call for our intervention as well.

Personal enterprises

Fiduciaire manages a wide range of enterprises while monitoring their own characteristics and phase of development, in order to accompany them from their creation, in their expansion, their investments and their financing.

Liberal professions

Liberal professions require a particular and nuanced approach; for example, lawyers do not require the same competencies as the healthcare sector, which have specific VAT regimes and differentiated structurings (autonomous groupings).


Assuming corporate form affects all activities, and the management of these legal entities is closely related to other events, such as mergers, splits, share buy-backs, joint ventures, temporary associations, MBOs, LBOs, audits, business plans, valuations, transfer of shares, options, warrants … that punctuate the life of a business. Fiduciaire serves both micro-enterprises and Belgian or international groups.

Asset companies

For widely varying reasons (successions, risk management, transfer of enterprises, tax optimisation, etc.), it is recommended to house personal assets in distinct legal entities so as to protect them. In this area, simple companies remain appreciated.

Non-commercial sector

This sector covers a wide range of cultural, sports and ideological activities and, paradoxically, it is sometimes close to the world of enterprises and private assets. It requires the appropriate structures, such as non-profit associations and foundations. Sponsoring, patronage, expenses for volunteer work and VAT problematics are recurring issues in this sector.

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